School/Training Information

Looking for a great school at a low price?!?! Check out Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

I chose this school for two reasons. It was cheap and far enough away from home. SIU-E tuition alone is only $7,296.00. That’s extremely cheap for a big school. The other reason is because it’s that far-away-college-from-home-but-still-close-enough-to-home feeling. Knowing that I’m own my own but whenever I need my family I/m only about 25-30 minutes away.


SIU-E Campus







Deadlines For This Coming Year:

Spring 2015-December 19, 2014

Summer 2015-April 24,2015

SIU-E Campus Map

Fall 2015-

Priority: December 1, 2014

Final: May 1,2015


Tuition: $7,296.00

Fees: $2,442.10

Room&Board: $8,781.00

Total: $18,519.10


Criminal Justice Major

-study of processes put in place by the government in order to prevent, deter and control crime.

-Criminal Justice agencies include law enforcement, the courts and the prison system.

-The practice of criminal justice can take a variety of forms, including service as a corrections officer or probation officer, the study of forensics or criminology, service as a police officer or detective, or work in security administration or immigration.

-Those interested in criminal justice on a Federal level may opt for a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

-For more informantion on Criminal Justice degree here click on the following link:

-Then click on Undergraduate, check the boxes Arts and Sciences

-Scroll down to Criminal Justice and click the arrow then click “Find Out More”

SIU-E Science Buildinghis includes a course outlook for all 4 years, admission requirements for the program, degrees awar



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