Career Research

Would you like to be a police officer?

Check out the link for information of how much schooling and opportunities. Law Enforcement Officer Info

Why I Chose This Career?

I chose this career because all throughout my life I have been going through diiferent career choices. When I was 5 I wanted to be a professional cowgirl. When I became 8 years of age, I wanted to become a rockstar or a K-9 Cop. When I was 12, I still wanted to K-9 Cop. When I hit age 16, I wanted to become a professional barrel racer(cowgirl and her horse races around barrels during rodeo events). Now at 18, I want to be a professional barrel racer, K-9 Cop, and music director. But at the back of my mind calling to me was going into law enforcement. The thrill of catching criminals to keep others safe. Having a well-trained canine at my side. So as I go into college I will be studying my dream career and getting a degree in Criminal Justice.

K-9 Unit demonstrating the power of their dogs on the force



Pros!!! 🙂

– Every day is a new adventure.

-Even though it only has 7% growth increase from 2010-2020. The continued demand for law enforcement will lead to to new openings.

-There are a variety of jobs in law enforcement from a park ranger to undercover detectives.

-There are great work benefits that include health insurance, paid holidays, sick leaves, paid overtime, and pension plans.

-You get to work with some great people willing to risk their lives to keep others safe.

Cons!!! 😦

-Very dangerous job. All the training in the world can prepare you for everything. You never know what to expect.

-Occupational stress and burnouts are common in this area due to the high-pressure situations

-Work schedules vary making it difficult to plan family events.

-You are risking your life every day you go out into the field. There is always that possibility that you might not come home.


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